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You will have noticed over the past few days we have now erected the Pitlochry winter lights for the 2018/2019 winter season.

Switched on in early October our winter lights are launched early every year in support of the Enchanted Forest event that brings so many visitors to the town each autumn. These bright and colourful LED lights colourfully illuminate the town throughout this fantastic event, into the festive season and on into the dark early months of the new year for the enjoyment of businesses, visitors and citizens alike. The lights always come down after the Valentines weekend.

To maintain and insure the lights each year, store them carefully during the spring and summer and have them all carefully put up and carefully taken down each year costs in excess of £8000.

We are totally reliant on the town's support and generosity to meet this annual cost and make the winter lights possible!

We hope you agree that the Pitlochry winter lights are a benefit and enhancement to the town and worth the annual cost and effort that goes into making it happen.

Thanks again in advance of your support… the Pitlochry winter lights would not happen without your valuable donation!

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